7 Day Challenge Using Wen By Chaz

We’ve all been subject to infomercials when we’ve stayed up late at night. I’m sure you have encountered the infomercial Wen By Chaz, at some point. A Sephora popular hair care product modeling beautiful women that sway their hair back and forth, and swear the product is magic in a bottle. Being tired of my dull, lifeless hair, I decided to put Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner to the test. I had to see if the rumors were true and if it would turn my hair into thick, lustrous, TV model-looking locks.

In case you’ve never heard of Wen By Chaz, they’re an all-natural brand of hair care products that contain shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment all into one. The brand boasts about the product being used on any type of hair condition. For my dull, thin, and fine hair, I decided to go with the Fig version cleansing conditioner. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care

On the day that I started my Wen hair treatment, my hair was dull, a little oily, and had hairspray residue weighing it down. On my first shampooing, I scrubbed my scalp and hair with my fingertips. My hair felt thicker with Wen than any other shampoo. After blow drying my hair, I noticed that my ends were still dry, roots remained a little oily but, had a subtle shine.

Throughout the remainder of the week, I used Wen By Chaz as directed on the label. During the first few days, I noticed that my hair was more limp than usual and the curls didn’t last long when I styled my hair. I finished the experiment on day seven. The conclusion that I came to is, that the product does work and made a noticeable change. I realized that the product takes several days to clean your scalp and rid your strands of build-up. By the end of the week, my style lasted all day. There was a noticeable difference in my hair – looked and felt fuller, shiny, no drier ends, or oiliness to deal with. I recommend Wen By Chaz cleansing products. If you’re on the fence about trying this product – jump over – your owe it to your hair! View the Wen Wikipedia page for more information.

Securus Technology and its Revolution

Securus Technologies is a company that was formed in 1986.It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is a technology company that offers Software that are uniquely designed for the law enforcement sector. It is committed to providing exemplary new products and services at least weekly. It has had major acquisitions to give state of the art products. So far it has acquired nine companies between 2012 – 2015.


Securus has some unique products that are geared towards helping investigations. This is helpful to the crime department, particularly if they want to keep track of a particular case of an inmate. Their software can tap into conversations and message chats of prisoners and their families and friends. It makes work easier and more efficient for the law enforcers like the police and the police wardens to evade crime. It comes more in handy for the crime intelligence who can use their range of software to ensure that they can solve crime puzzles. This involves its analysis of data and coming up with a possible lead on offenses.


One of its unique products is the JLG Technologies Pro 4.0. It is software that is designed to track voices and match them up. For example, it can tap into one voice and link it up to all the times it has appeared. This comes in handy in the investigation. Another advantage of this version is that it is easier to crack gang-related crimes.


There is the Location-Based Software which can locate and identify phone calls. The software is productive when inmates are making calls to cell phones, and the police can tap into the phone call. The software can keep track of the location of prisoners and who they make calls. It is a thorough way especially if the inmate is under investigation to ensure that another crime is not committed. Securus has unique products that are tailored to meet the client’s needs and ensure they are satisfactory enough.



Retirees Often Mistakenly Begin Social Security Benefits Early

A new study of retirees by Nationwide Financial has found that they often lack the financial advice to make the right decisions about when to begin their social security benefits noted on moneytips.com. It found that most did not get advice on the topic from their financial advisors. This was despite the fact that nearly four out of five said they would consider switching to another retirement planner if their current advisor didn’t include social security in their planning.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed David Giertz about the results of the study. Giertz is a senior vice president at Nationwide. He said that the likely cause of this shortfall in financial advisor planning was the difficulty of fully comprehending the legalities of social security. The social security guidelines include 2700 rules. Therefore, financial planners have been reluctant to include this kind of advice.

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Despite this, David Giertz argued that it was imperative that financial advisors stay on top of social security for their clients. This is because beginning social security benefits sooner than full retirement can cause a significant loss in income of up to $300,000 over a 25-year period. For many retirees, social security payments can be up to 40% of their total retirement income on about.me.

David Giertz has been Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance since 2013 and has over 30 years of experience in financial planning at https://soundcloud.com/davidgiertz. His previous positions at Nationwide include President of Financial Institutions-Distributors Channel and President of Financial Institutions-Wirehouse Distribution Channel. He earned his MBA at University of Miami’s School of Business.

Lori Senecal Career Achievements

The CP+B announced Lori Senecal as the new CEO of Global on 9th March 2015. Senecal worked on CP+B’s Global growth, expansion, ensuring the eight international offices of the firm are coordinating well. Senecal is a pioneer of promoting technology, invention, and innovation. Over Senegal’s career, she has fueled Global Agency growth, developed strategic partnerships with other companies, lead to the creation of more new business divisions and Worldwide accounts like the Nestle, BMW and the Colo-Colo.

Working under MDC Partners Network as the CEO, Lori Senecal worked closely with the leadership of Agencies that lead to the greatest growth and success of the company. At Global, she first changed from 250 people private company to 300 characters, started up investment plans, content creation, and ensured innovative business unit based on technology. Earlier, she served as the president of McCann-Erickson Worldwide Flagship in New York office. She was the leader of the sector of strategic planning, account leadership, and innovation.

Lori Senecal is honored for her professional achievements like the AWNY game charger Awards with the Quantum Leap Award for real leadership and innovation. According to Forbes.com, she has also acted as a Jury Chair for Issac awards in the last two years giving change in the industry and outside. Senecal shares the company’s values and passion that leads to high level of management experience and expertise.

Lori Senecal has different skills like Advertising, Digital strategy, interactive marketing, Digital media, Relationship marketing, new business development, and Entrepreneurship. The MDC Partner’s creative agency Crypton Porter & Bogusky opened an office in Beijing where it will work for Infiniti and American Airlines and Tencent. The Infiniti, CP& B Beijing work with Global team situated in Agency’s Los Angeles office and offer full services like creative directions and strategic plans, reports campaignlive.com. The American Airline collaborates with the with the global team located in the hometown in Colorado providing creative services for a Chinese audience.

Lori Senecal maintains an absorbing and calm attitude in work. Lori speaks little, but she is a very powerful businesswoman. Sometimes Lori wears blue navy blue. Lori is an excellent public speaker, and this has helped her show she has management qualities and could speak in meetings.Lori Senecal pursued a bachelor’s degree in commerce marketing and finance at McGill University.Lori Senecal enabled different institutions she was involved in the past years to be successful. She has also transformed Global economic of the companies she has worked.



Providing a cutting-edge technology in the field of civil and criminal justice, Securus Technologies provide improved public safety and a modern experience in approaches used to handle the two issues. With many law enforcement agencies relying on the approaches used by Securus as they provide secure and powerful technology solutions which are accessible and user friendly. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.



Securus Technologies, recently confirmed that it had offered a challenge to its long time said competitor, GTL. The challenge could be confirmed by having an independent technology judge rule out the company with the most sought after product set, the very best modern tech calling platform, the most economical and resource efficient platform as well as the very quality customer services per the metrics.



Richard A. Smith; Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies, sees it best to have a neutral independent judge who would evaluate all of the product sets, both customer service models as well as both calling platforms. He sees it not realistic for Securus to be compared to smaller companies such as GTL, having in mind that Securus had invested more than seven million dollars in the previous four years. Securus used these funds for acquisition of technologies, companies and developing of products as well as acquisition of the state of the art Technology center.



Mr. Richard believes that GTL’s technology platforms are less user friendly, less feature-rich, less centralized systems and primarily premise-based systems. On the contrary, Securus platforms which offer a variety of features to users, more efficient, more user friendly and are more centralized systems in terms of memory and processing. It is evident that the technological capabilities in Securus are not comparable to any other company in the industry. This is considering the robustness of the IT work offered in the platforms, scalability, investments made and resources in general.



The Importance of Proper Haircare

If there is one feature about the human body that gets people excited it’s possessing a head full of lustrous hair. Hair defines who we are to a certain degree and it is one of those things that makes us more easy on the eyes. Did you know that many people don’t take good enough care for their hair? The very things you do for maintenance purposes such as using dyes/perms, overwashing, and the use of shampoo is doing more harm than good. Dyes/Perms are full of strong chemicals that can straighten the hair as well as color it. Washing your hair more than three times per week is stripping the scalp of it’s natural oils and moisture and a shampoo’s lather is basically a chemical reaction thanks to it’s parabens and sulfates.

The best thing to do is to cut back on the usage of these products, not use them at all, or start using a more gentle product that’s from an organic source. Have you ever heard of Wen hair by Chaz? WEN by Chaz has become the premier haircare product line of the 21st Century thanks to it’s nourishing effects. These products come in the form of pomade, sprays, mousse, gel, and crème. Founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, these exclusive products are safe to use on a regular basis, lack dangerous contaminants, and have the finest of ingredients.

As of today WEN by Chaz has sold well over 40 Million bottles of these revolutionary formulas that span across 16 years. When it comes to giving an individual picture perfect haircare at an affordable price, few can outperform this exotic label. WEN by Chaz has taken the industry by storm and will continue it’s passion into the future.

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