“Medical contribution by Marc Beer “

Marc Beer has led the company he heads as the CEO to contribute $42 million. The funds are meant for the purchase and production of devices and facilities for the treatment of pelvic floor conditions. Marc Beer is a very senior person in the medical field as seen below. Marc Beer’s Bio Marc beer has […]

New Residential Investment Corp, the ideal real estate investment partner

The venture of investment can be very rewarding if one makes the right decisions. Choosing an investment partner or venture is often an uphill task especially in the current real estate industry that is comprised of hundreds of investment companies. New Residential Investment Corp is a residential real estate oriented investment company. The company was […]

Meet Marc Beer, The Man of Incomparable Caliber and Unrivaled League.

Marc beer has set the pace in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry through his company, Renovia by raising $42 million in a bid to offer a better diagnosis and treatment for pelvic floor disorders including urinary incontinence, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is unfortunate that a vast number of people who […]