Fabletics Transforming the Industry of Athletic Wear

The brand of Fabletics has become a lifestyle staple for so many athletes and fitness hobbyists that it is impossible not to have heard of the brand before. It has completely transformed the retail industry of sportswear since its launched back in July in 2013.


Fabletics is one of the many brands created from the main company of Mr. Don Ressler. Fabletics, in particular, was created in collaboration with one of the most famous actresses of the United States Kate Hudson. She has been the face of the brand ever since and has modeled the clothes and shoes for the photography of the website.


There are many reasons why Fabletics became so popular and developed a devoted audience. First of all, the brand provides clients with athletic wear that is of high quality and looks good. The point of Fabletics was to deliver athletic wear worthy of the high street to the masses at an affordable price without taking away from the quality and the fashionable designs. The audience of Fabletics uses the athletic wear during working out and doing sports, primarily. Over the past couple of years, however, more people have started buying from the brand because of the comfort it provides and the design. Some of the buyers use it as loungewear and even dress it up for an added effect during the day. The audience coined the term ”athleisure wear” as a description of the clothes by Fabletics. It is a combination of the words athletic and leisure, and it creates the perfect description of the products. Even the brand has adopted the portmanteau in some of its marketing.


Speaking of, the marketing of the brand was spot on for the trends in the industry at the time of launching it. In 2012, the most effective marketing was reviews by influencers on social media as well as video and blog content creators. The campaign prior the launch of the Fabletics website was a real success as the first clients of the brand were anticipating the day they could order some of the pieces they wanted most as the reviews also offered a preview of the products. That made for a very productive launch in July 2012.


The brand of Fabletics has a subscription service as well as a few physical stores. After signing up and completing the Lifestyle Quiz, you will have in-house stylists pick the best outfits for you.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Could be the Next Amazon

To compare any company to Amazon is saying a lot, especially when you are talking about the competitive women’s apparel niche. Amazon has been sitting on top of this market for years, and today dominates with 20 percent of all the e-commerce sales for active-wear for women. That being said, it appears that a company that was not even around a few years ago is trying to make a play for that top spot, and numbers do not lie. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has exploded on the scene in three short years, pulling in an overwhelming $250 million in sales in this market and putting Amazon on notice.


When Hudson was asked to elaborate on the success of her active-wear company, she was quick to point out that reverse showrooming and a rewarding membership were the two keys. These are not new techniques, but the balance between the two has her company on the rise. Hudson says that women visit the local mall and visit the Fabletics store, where they try on her athleisure brand and get their free membership. Customers often take the Lifestyle Quiz to enhance the membership, part of the ultimate success to the company. But sales in the stores at the mall are not overwhelming by any stretch, so how how did the company sell $250 million in three years?


The secret to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics success, when these same consumers hit the online store. These women make full use of their membership, and online is where all the magic takes place. First off, every piece of high-quality active-wear or women’s workout apparel that was worn in the store shows up on their online member profile. Knowing the pieces fit perfectly when they were in the Fabletics retail shop allows these women to shop without fear of the clothing not fitting. What the company is seeing is these customers go from trying on two pieces in the store to buying six pieces online.


Included with the free membership to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is lower piece pricing and free shipping of all online orders. Those who took the Lifestyle Quiz will also get a personal shopper from Fabletics who picks a new item each month for the customer to consider. The ease in which the customer can shop online and the growing variety of the active-wear only makes it easier for these women to become loyal long-term customers.