Betsy DeVos: Working Towards Education Reform In America

Over the years, every administration has had their impact on education reform in America. Since the 1980s, education has been a hot topic. Most students face going to failing schools thanks to standardized testing. While others have to deal with remnants of “No Child Left Behind,” parents and students have complained about Common Core Method. […]

Jason Hope Motivates Anti-Aging Researchers by Donating $500k to SENS Foundation

SENS Foundation is the greatest beneficiary of America’s futurist and philanthropist. When Jason Hope gave his $500,000 donation to the startup nearly nine years ago, he knew that a lot lay ahead. According to Jason, modern medicine plays an essential role in making sure that doctors and medical practitioners treat diseases after they occur. However, […]

Nicolas Krafft of L’Oreal Paris is Advocating for Creativity and Diversity in the Fashion and Beauty Industry

L’Oreal Paris is a corporation that deals with the fashion and beauty industry. On 30th September, the company planned a beauty and fashion show at the river Seine. The presence of a floating catwalk was somewhat unique and intriguing to the audience. As the event progressed, L’Oreal Paris was able to showcase the new looks […]