Jacob Gottlieb Weighs in on the Power of Altium Capital on the Healthcare Investment Industry

Developments in medical technology have paved the way for physicians to diagnose and treat patients since the onset of the practice of medicine. The continuous growth of various tech-systems in the healthcare industry has saved many lives by ensuring that there is a high quality of life improved over time. In the current world, technology plays an integral role in every business and personal life. Out of the industries that it plays an important role, healthcare is one of the most vital. Like Jacob Gottlieb illustrates, the healthcare investment sector relies on the advancement of technology to flourish. It should, therefore, be ready for tremendous change.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Investment Docket

Often termed as the titan of investing in healthcare, Mr. Gottlieb is a revered and a successful financial entrepreneur who is transforming the landscape of the healthcare sector by investing in Altium Capital. This is a healthcare-based investment fund that is situated out of New York and focuses on various investment opportunities that relate to the development of companies in the healthcare sector. To be specific, Mr. Gottlieb seeks companies that provide meaningful healthcare treatment advances. Some of the recent investments Gottlieb has invested in of late include Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Amarin Corporation.

Oramed’s Role in Healthcare

Oramed, the 5.61% shares were the firm’s first investment, and it has developed an innovative oral treatment alternative care for diabetes patients that have been put on injectable drugs. Therefore, the company has successfully tested and released an ingestible insulin capsule and an orally ingested glucagon known as a peptide-1 analog capsule. The company is supported through world-class scientific experts.

Amarin’s Contribution in Healthcare

Centrally situated in Dublin, with some of its operational offices in New Jersey, Amarin Corporation is vastly developing into an innovative pharmaceutical firm whose input in the healthcare industry is developing drugs by improving their cardiovascular health.

Gottlieb’s Profile

Before establishing Visium Asset Management, Jacob Gottlieb was the founding member of Balyasny Asset Management where he also became a significant contributor to the development of the firm. He grew his portfolio over the years. Today, Jacob Gottlieb manages a larger fund based on his experiences.

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