Malcolm CasSelle Delivers Solutions To A Growing Market

What do you get when you combine an exchange market that is larger than that of the silver trade, on the most actively used blockchain executing millions of purchases every day, with a proven team of experts like Malcolm CasSelle, President of Worldwide Asset eXchange? You get the clear-cut future of the gaming marketplace. And it is a dynamic and exciting place to be.

With competition comes innovation, and there has been plenty of competition in the market of in-game items for video games. These items, also known as skins, are considered extremely valuable. The competition to create the most convenient and user-friendly platform for the exchange of these items between players helped give rise to OpSkins. It has become the safest and most trusted place to visit for people trading these goods.

The next innovative step in delivering solutions to this community of players and traders was the creation of Worldwide Asset eXchange and the WAX blockchain, under the impressive direction of Malcolm CasSelle. Gamers have shown great interest in creating their own peer-to-peer exchanges with as few regulations and fees as possible, and that day has finally arrived.

After earning computer science degrees from MIT and Stanford, Malcolm CasSelle has been a co-founder and CEO of many fast-growing technology companies such as Mediapass, Timelabs LLC, Xfire and helped lead Groupon’s project for growth in China. His expertise and experience in the technology space has helped inform and contribute to his passion for success.

Long before the rise of Bitcoin in 2017 as a global currency phenomenon, Malcolm CasSelle envisioned the use of cryptocurrencies in the gaming trade arena. Individual gamers needed a secure and convenient way to exchange their virtual items without an intermediary. And as OpSkins CIO, CasSelle would often declare that this seemingly small niche market (that is actually larger than the silver market) was in fact the ideal place for a tokenized trading platform to really take hold. He is being proven right more and more each day.

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