OSI Group: An Innovative Food Company

OSI Group is one of the many companies in the food sector. The company is a billion dollar corporation that works on many of the continents on earth.According to OSI, the company employs tens of thousands of people. The company has always been one to welcome innovation and advancement. They are a progressive company that is always looking for a new frontier to conquer. This type of attitude has caused OSI Group to become the powerhouse it is today.The company is focused on becoming sustainable. Sustainability is important to this leading food producer because the company wants to create operations and facilities that do not negatively effect the environment.

The Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin is leading the forceful movement of making sure OSI Group is mindful of their processes and how their operations influence the business world around us. New technologies and strategies are being introduced by the CEO. He is mindful of the huge feat that is before him but he is understanding and willing to take on this. He knows that when OSI Group becomes sustainable it will be a more effective company.OSI knows that innovation is necessary for staying power. The food sector is not easy to compete in. But somehow this food producer has found the means to continually have staying power.

They have continuously over and over again introduced new technologies that allow the company to compete by offering their customers the most effective ways for food production. Their food to table concepts, logistics, operations and long lasting relationships with customers from all over the world allows them the staying power they have. These same high quality product will perhaps give them another one hundred years of business. Ever since its founding to supplying hamburger patties for McDonalds to opening over a dozen facilities, is am example of how important growth is to this major global food corporation.

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