The Daily Work Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Different people are influenced by different issues to get into the business world. For, Eric Lefkofsky, it was watching a loved one suffer from cancer and having few technical solutions to make things easier for them. This is how Tempus was born. Tempus makes it possible for physicians to offer their cancer patients with personalized services.Eric Lefkofsky admits that having a typical day when running a new company can be very challenging. Lefkofsky says that it is easy to get caught up with all the activities and needs of people in the company leaving you unproductive as the CEO of the firm. To see that he stays productive he has come up with a way of creating time for himself. Eric Lefkofsky’s first method is getting to work before everyone arrives at the office and use the time to work.

He also works at home every Friday to accomplish his objectives as the Chief Executive Officer of the company without distractions.Every investor has to find their own way of bringing their new business ideas to reality. One way of doing this is researching how others bring their ideas to life. Eric Lefkofsky says that for him he is a daydreamer. He has visions when he is cycling, in the shower and through this method he has built an entire world. The other way he actualizes his dream is by focusing on prioritizing his activities and delegating the daily duties to handle the long-term activities. He also adds that he has always built his business empires to solve problems.

Eric Lefkofsky success journey has not been a walk at the park, like other business people, he has had his share of challenges. One of the main difficulties was losing the manufacturing company that they had worked for three to four years, which was not easy. However, they learned a ton of lessons to keep them moving. One of the most practical ways to find out where you went wrong is by asking yourself whether if you did the same thing you could follow the same procedure. If there are some changes you could make, there is the answer to where you went wrong and how to make it right.

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