The RealReal Gets Real With Their Followers On Instagram

There’s nothing wrong with loving secondhand fashion. The RealReal is a luxury online consignment shop that’s been taking the internet world by storm. The company started as a brick-and-mortar store in SoHo a few years ago. The RealReal has since raised $173 million since its founding. On their Instagram page, the brand loves to educate their customers about determining the authenticity of a designer item.

There are so many online stores that sell fakes online. Most of those stores have since closed down, thankfully, but there are still plenty of them that still exist. The RealReal’s motto is to do away with those fake online stores. They want to make luxury fashion affordable and accessible for their customers. And they’re doing whatever it takes to prevent them from getting fooled into making the wrong purchase.

The RealReal posted this photo of these plaid Balenciaga plaid slip-on shoes on its Instagram page. These pointed-toe shoes feature the gold Balenciaga logo, which you know is the real deal. The RealReal included the caption “Straight to the point,” which is all you need to know about these shoes. Some of their customers became wild over the shoes, wondering how they could scoop up a pair.

The company also took to Instagram to post a picture of a classic brown leather Louis Vuitton handbag. It’s the iconic handbag that features a gold chain strap and the Louis Vuitton signature logo. In the caption, the company revealed that one of their lucky customers won this luxury bag on National Consignment Day.

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