Madison Street Capital Welcomes a New Member to the Team

If you don’t know who Jim Cohen is, then this article will tell you all about who he is. Jim Cohen was hired and now holds a position at the company called Madison Street Capital. Recently, Jim Cohen was added to the company as the new Managing Director to build a stronger and more solid growing global M&A (Merger and Acquisitions) division. Charles Botchway, who is the CEO of Madison Street Capital, happily welcomed Jim Cohen to the team.


The Work History Of Jim Cohen

Before moving on to Madison Street Capital, Jim Cohen previously worked at Sun Acquisitions as the director. He was in charge of a team that was responsible for helping their clients with sell side and buy side transactions. Jim Cohen also served as the CEO of a children’s toys manufacturer and distributor company named Velocity Products. He worked their from 2001 to 2006, which was a company based in Wilmette, Illinois. To go back even further, Mr. Cohen also worked at Arrow Plastic Manufacturing Company. He occupied multiple roles at this business. That company manufactured and distributed plastic consumer products. Arrow Plastic is also a business that was owned by Jim Cohen’s family.


What Is Madison Street Capital?

Madison Street Capital is a universal investment banking firm. They provide a few services for private and public businesses such as valuation services, professional leveled knowledge in merger and acquisition, financial ideas, and corporately advising financial situations for different businesses. This company has one main goal and that is to help all of their clients become successful in the international marketplace. Madison Street Capital has all kinds of experts to assist their clients objectives and goals. They are skilled in many facets of few categories listed below:



  • Business Valuation


  • Financial Opinions


  • Corporate Advisory


  • Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning


  • Valuation for Financial Reporting


  • Asset Management Industry Focus




Many business owners and investors commonly reap benefits from Madison Street Capital’s approach to create corporate finance transactions. They are able to adjust and provide each client with their different unique needs by matching each client with a suitable finance and capitalization system. Every since this company was created, Madison Street Capital has assisted many clients in hundreds of different industries. This company has many offices located across Asia, Africa, and North America.


For the past few years Madison Street Capital has received many awards for the great work this company has consistently been doing. All clients are always satisfied with the guidance they get from Madison Street Capital. This company has received awards such as “Refinancing Deal of the Year” and “Cross Border Merger and Acquisition Deal of the Year” just to name two of the company’s long list of achievements.


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