The Success And Life Of Vinod Gupta


The Scoop on Vinod Gupta

Recently IdeaMensch did an article about Vinod Gupta. Gupta is the CEO of Everest Group LLC, and he is a serial entrepreneur. Vinod Gupta was born in India, and he later immigrated to the United States. Vinod Gupta went to the University of Nebraska, and after graduating, he went on to work at a local mobile home company. Through his experience at this company, he was able to find a gap in business measures that would help the company to save time and money.

With hard work and tenacity, Vinod Gupta was able to create a unique personal database, and he got started in direct mail marketing using the database that he created. Through that database, he was able to receive a huge amount of orders, and that is what gave him the idea to create Infogroup. After creating Infogroup, Vinod Gupta later went on to create other companies. In these companies, he was able to implement innovative strategies that lead those companies to success.


The Success of Infogroup and Everest

Infogroup is the company that came from Vinod Gupta’s experience work in selling mobile homes, and Everest Group came from his experience as the creator of Infogroup. Vinod Gupta was able to take his initial investment of only $100 that he got from a bank loan and turn it into $680 million.


The Passions of Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta not only has found success for himself, but he gives back to those in need. He has created several schools in his native India, and he also creates employment opportunities for a diverse population. Vinod Gupta was praised by Bill Clinton because of his unique hiring model. Vinod Gupta believes in the importance of taking calculated risks, and he offers a unique take on the market and technology. Vinod Gupta believes that there are huge opportunities when it comes to globalization, and he advocates the leveraging of the growing technological market in order to help businesses to thrive. See Related Link for more information about Vinod Gupta.


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