Surf Air Celebrating Five Years of Excellence

Surf Air is celebrating five years of providing exceptional service to its all-you-can-fly members with an exciting new offering. In addition to receiving top-quality flights to all of the most popular California destinations, Surf Air members will now be able to enjoy enhanced experiences to make their weekend travels even more unforgettable. Surf Air has also just launched a partnership with The Private Suite LAX to provide private terminal access and hassle-free flying to its members at no additional charge. Lastly, Surf Air members now have access to the exclusive travel benefits offered by FoundersCard, which means that they can enjoy luxury hotels and other amenities at preferred rates while networking with some of the most successful entrepreneurs across the country.

Surf Air was founded as a members-only travel club that offers unlimited monthly flights and unique experiences to destinations throughout California. The company is able to provide a refined travel experience by partnering with exclusive private aircraft companies and terminals at the busiest California airports. This means that its members no longer have to contend with travel delays, lost luggage, long security wait times or poor customer service while flying.

One of the reasons why Surf Air has become such a popular choice over commercial or private jet options is that it provides the comfort of a private flying experience without the high prices. There are no more than eight members booked on a Surf Air flight at any point. While you would have to choose from posted flight times, the booking process is completed in less than a minute and without the headache of having to contend with layovers or delays. Surf Air is constantly looking for options to increase its number of destination offerings and expand its premium flight service to accommodate more of its members’ travel plans.

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