Talos Energy is at the Forefront of Gas and Oil Exploration

Talos Energy was co-founded by Timothy Duncan and two partners Stephen Heitzman and John Parker in 2012. Mr. Duncan graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. He also attended the University of Houston Bauer Executive Program earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Tin Duncan took on employment challenges in 2006 at the Phoenix Exploration Company where he served as the Business Development Senior Vice President. By the time he left in 2011, he had guided the company through tremendous growth, doubling the size of the company. He also was instrumental in the preparation of the company being sold to Apache Corporation. Duncan and his team took on other challenges with Talos Energy.

Stephen Heitzman serves as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Executive Vice President for Talos Energy. He is the face of the daily operations brining with him many years of petroleum experience. His educational background includes attending Texas Tech University and earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Mechanical Engineering. One of his earliest tasks was establishing Gryphon Exploration, a gas and oil start-up in the Gulf of Mexico. The entity was sold off in 2005 to Woodside USA.John Parker, the third founding father of Talos Energy, is the Executive Vice President for the Exploration Division.

With a degree from the State University at Louisiana and a Master of Science (MS) degree in Earth Science from the University of New Orleans, Parker took on challenges with Shell Oil Company. He was an exploration geologist along the Gulf Coast. He then moved onto Gyphon and later teamed with Heitzman and Duncan in establishing Phoenix Energy. Together the technical and management teams at Talos work with an average of 30 years of experience in the Gulf of Mexico including acquisition, geological, operational and commercial experience in the industry. The strength of the company is its ability to be flexible enough to take on any and all challenges as they come along. With a solid understanding of the industry, Talos has the ability to maintain the management team it needs to succeed in this business. They work intuitively and cooperatively to succeed in every aspect of the industry.

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