A Life of Purpose According to Vijay Eswaran

One of the questions that a successful person is asked is what drives him. For people like Vijay Eswaran, the answer is that they have a purpose. As a matter of fact, they make it clear that people need a purpose to live their lives. People with a purpose are going to have an easier time getting up and functioning. At the same time, people who can’t find their purpose are going to be struggling to even lift a finger. For example, there are tons of people who battle depression. One of the common issues that depressed people complain about is not having a sense of purpose.

The good thing about a purpose is that it could be anything. Even entrepreneurs live their lives according to the purpose. Entrepreneurs that work a business close to their purpose are going to be more successful and fulfilled than otherwise. Then there are purposes that drive them to their jobs. For instance, people who work to take care of their families and help others are going have motivation. This motivation can cause them to put more effort into their work. Vijay Eswaran himself is an philanthropist. This type of purpose drives his business and his work ethic.

People who live without a purpose are more likely to settle for lower quality of life. Some people may settle for dead-end jobs. Then they are also going to settle for less than satisfactory treatment at their jobs. They may also take less than adequate care of themselves, finding themselves in a vicious cycle. As they deteriorate, they get treated worse. This is one of the reasons that having a purpose is valuable. People like Vijay Eswaran get to live a fulfilling life that is full of joy. At the same time, they will be better able to take on challenges with a greater sense of urgency.

For those who want to find a purpose, one thing they can do is think about themselves. They can look at their values so that they can find what brings them fulfillment. Then they can pursue it in the best way they can.

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