Alex Pall & Andrew Taggart: The Chainsmokers

Formed in New York City in 2012 and hitting it big with their debut EP “Bouquet” in 2015, the Chainsmokers are a DJ duo comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two have releases three EPs, a full-length album and numerous singles in the past three years, with another full-length album in the works. They have consistently been on the Billboard Top 10 in Dance/Electronic for over a year now with their full-length album “Memories…Do Not Open.”

Pall was part of a DJ duo when he found himself needing a new partner. Mutual friend and current band manager Adam Alpert introduced the two and the chemistry was almost instant. Taggart moved to New York from Maine, both quit their days jobs and they began working together on music like it was a full-time job, every day of the week for more than 8 hours.

The hard works payed off as they released two EPs, “Bouquet” and “Collage”, to much acclaim. Their full-length album “Memories…Do Not Open” has been a consistent #1 on Billboard since its release in 2017 and their follow-up EP “Sick Boy” and forthcoming album are highly anticipated.

The duo step outside many of the conventions of the dance/electronic genre. While they certainly put their hearts into their beats and grooves they also like to collaborate with other DJs and singer as well integrating other musical styles into their songs. They release singles quite often and like to blend their varied musical tastes into their music. The Chainsmokers hold to a philosophy of albums with consistent themes and feelings make for better listening than albums of just a bunch of random songs. So when they have songs that fit in with each other they release them as singles.

They stagger the releases of their singles as to allow each song its due time in the spotlight rather than inundate fans with song after song. They have even had Taggart step up to the mic and do some singing, in songs that actually have a connection to his own life instead of just dance beats.

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