Sahm Adrangi- Using a Superior Business Model to Flourish

Sahm Adrangi is highly skilled and clued-up in matters concerning investments and the originator of the Kerrisdale Capital Management. The Kerrisdale Capital Management prides on having spectacular and robust growth trajectory having set up in 20019 with a capital of 1 million dollars, and in 2014 it boasted of 300 million dollars of assets. The company growth is purely done without the help of seeders, and Sahm Adrangi has played a significant role in multiplying its investor’s capital by the factors of 10 hence achieving double-digits of performance on a yearly basis.


The flourishing story of Sahm Adrangi and his company offers tremendously and a refreshing breaks from the constant shaky market of hedge funds. Adrangi is notorious for using a unique short selling tactic of taking a published research and activist approach on institutionalized companies getting a higher return of yields. According to Sahm Adrangi, the publishing research makes the company unique that includes detailing memos and also reports of their investments agendas and opportunities and distributing the materials both externally and internally. The Canadian national graduated from the prestigious University of Yale with Economics Degree, and his trainee job was at Toronto Globe and Mails.

Kerrisdale firm has a robust culture that emphasizes on hiring the most talented financial writers and investors with his followers getting coverage on various adverse reports of different companies globally. The recent negative report from Kerrisdale Capital was on the Eastman Kodak Company with Sahm Adrangi stating that the KODAKCoin and KODAKONE are in flawed critical position. He believes that the companies have no intentions of providing benefit materials for the Kodak shareholders since the company has tremendously risen on high an unjustified hype.


Sahm states that the leading developers of the KODAKONE and the strategic advisors of the KODAKCoin ICO are vastly involved in various dubious backgrounds. The Kerrisdale Capital is skilled in offering private investment manager, and it recently expounded more on its short position trading of the Eastman Kodak Company of NYSE KODK. Sahm Adrangi believes this commercial imaging and a printing company shares have risen to 187% growth after announcing its partnership with the blockchain imagining and licensing platforms.

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