Michael Lacey: Mathematician & Keystone

Math is any and everything. Without math we wouldn’t have any of the technology that we cherish so much these days. People who dedicate themselves too researching, testing, and coming up with the various facets of math you would think are the biggest and most famous celebrities. Of course, this isn’t true, and they aren’t recognized like they should be but they’re contributions still matter. One of these mathematicians in question is Michael Lacey.


Michael Lacey is an American mathematician who has taught and researched math for the last 40 years. His contributions are part of what will in the future, drive us into the next phase of technology and innovation. He received his Ph.D. in 1987 from the university of Illinois. From even these early times Michael Lacey was contributing to math. For his thesis paper on Banach spaces he solved an issue regarding the law of iterated logarithm. While he toiled to earn his doctorates degree, him and Walter Philippe gave their input on the closing book of the central limit theorem. Michael Lacey taught as a professor after getting his doctorate degree, educating the minds of the youth in mathematics and doing his part to further the next generation. However, that wouldn’t be the end of him making discoveries and advancing math. During a tenure at Indiana University he started studying up on the bilinear Hilbert transform which was at that time undecided upon and a major point of discussion in the mathematics community. He alongside Christoph Calderon solved it in 1996 winning him the much sought-after Salem Prize. Around this time, he was started to get noticed and invited into elite groups like the National Science Foundation. After the major work in 96’ he decided to pursue teaching more and has done so at the Georgia Institute of Technology ever since. It seems Michael Lacey is so intelligent he can popup at any time randomly and publish critically acclaimed work or discoveries. This is what he did in 2004 with Xiaochun Li from which he received a Guggenheim Fellowship, another exclusive group of the most superb intellects on the planet.


Overall Michael Lacey has created a legacy that will enable future generations to build upon it. His teaching and work will live on forever. I only hope in the future that he and other similar figures can get the mainstream acclaim they deserve. Mathematicians and Scientist after all are some of the keystones of what we know and how we live.


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