Color and Magic

Doe Deere, beauty guru, entrepreneur, and CEO of her company Lime Crime is make-up’s Unicorn Queen. Her line of products reflects her own love of the magical and colorful. Originally from Russia she moved to the states at a young age. Her online make up company was founded in 2008, and she is now living in Los Angeles. She is passionate about creating beautiful, eye catching make up products that are vegan and cruelty free.


Her creativity and fearless experimentation with color and art were apparent from the time she was a child. Her love of the creative and her passion for self-expression led her to enter the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and also to leave it in order to start her first online business. This business was founded in 2004 and was where the brand Lime Crime started. Despite the fact that she was successful and had a business that let her design and create, she was never sure that that was what she ultimately wanted. The experience however did prove helpful in building her knowledge of business and skill in working with fashion.


It was when she started to create her own make up in order to complement her dress designs when she modeled them that she realized that she had found her passion. The luminous unusual colors that she wanted to represent her brand were hard to find. So she made them! She realized that she had found the job she wanted and said that her costumers responded to the passion she put into her work as well. She advertised and promoted the products in tutorials that showed how to create looks that used the make up she was selling. These were very popular and within a year (in 2009) the popularity of her brand was well established.


Of course the business side of her work has its hard parts too. One of the toughest decisions she has had to make has been the choice of laboratory to work with to produce her products. She needed to be able to work directly with the lab’s chemists to produce the colors she envisioned, and she also wanted the lab to be on board with her company’s motives and focus. The fact that her store is online has also presented some problems, including unsupported rumors and information thieves, but Doe says that the best way to handle these problems is to make sure that you learn from the experience and take the opportunity to improve.


She says that she believes that, “Beauty should make you feel happy!” And she thinks that this feel good attitude is what drives her company’s success. She designs her products to reflect the magic that she feels that they can produce. The unicorn is the logo because it symbolizes the fearless self-expression through beauty that she thinks make up can be.


She loves being able to have a job that allows her to indulge in her love for colors and make up, and hopes to be an inspiration to other female entrepreneurs. One of her happiest moments was when her business made enough money to donate to some of her favorite charities, and her company still supports charities for animal rescue and adoption, women, and girls.


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