End Citizens United Comes Forward In Support Of Several Democratic Candidates For 2020 Election

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been able to ignite widespread change throughout the country. The organization was founded in 2010 after the Supreme Court passed a ruling which was called the Citizens United Law. This law overturned the years of progress that people had made when trying to establish a government that would work for their benefit, and which they could trust. The ruling made it so that corporates could enjoy the same status as members of society, and would be accounted for as one entire person, enjoying their privileges and rights. However, since a company does not have a mind of its own, the people controlling these additional privileges were the owners and wealthy people in society. Even though the law was supposed to unite the people of America, it divided it more than one would think, which is what lead to widespread discontent among the people.

End Citizens United was first formed with the intention of working towards overturning the ruling so that transparency could once again be established among the people and the political party that is ruling over them. However, the task of overturning this is not as simple as one would think. Most of the people that are in support of this ruling belong to the Republican Party who are currently in control. Therefore, the organization decided that if it were to overturn this ruling, it would first have to replace the people that are currently in power with ones that are actually working for the benefit of the people.

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The organization sees the Democratic Party as the better fit for the country owing to the various positives that they have brought along when they were in power. The party is one which actually listens to the needs of the people, and tries to do their best to improve the conditions of the people. For the 2020 election, End Citizens United did their thorough research and found the candidates that they would come forward in support of. Several prominent names such as Paul Davis, Jackey Rosen, Jon Tester and Dean Phillips are some of the people who the organization has come forward in support of for the benefit of the people.

End Citizens United believes that if they put in enough effort, and show their support, they will be able to see a better government in the future. Since forming, the organization has brought to light the various forthcoming of the Republican Party so that the people of America can understand who their leaders are, so as to make more informed decisions in the future about who they choose to put into power the next time they have to vote for a leader of the country.

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