Ronald Fowlkes Protecting Citizens Is His Passion

Ronald Fowlkes has a lot of experience in law enforcement and citizen protection. He used his comprehensive experience in this field to establish his company, Eagle Industries Unlimited. His background in law enforcement including its support has been very useful in founding his company that offers effective protection for the citizens as well as businesses of any locality.



Fowlkes got his training in law enforcement when he attended the Marine Combat Training school. He was also educated in the Marine’s Basic Engineer course. Fowlkes also enrolled at the United States Army Parachute School where he earned his Navy-Marine Corps Parachute insignia. He applied the things that he learned in law enforcement in his community where he served in this area for over 12 years. Fowlkes also holds teaching certificates in the areas of defensive tactics, tactical rifle, and in SWAT and URBAN tactics. That means he is a certified teacher of all these law enforcement disciplines. Rounding up his law enforcement qualifications, Fowlkes also worked with the Department of Defense as a DOD contractor.



At present, Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement/Commercial products for his company, the Eagle Industries Unlimited. His comprehensive experience in law enforcement is being put to use in the operation of his company. As BDM of Eagle Industries, he needs to educate more than 150 employees about the company’s various products. He also needs to choose the right products to sell, and then go and call customers all over the country to sell them.



Fowlkes also served his country from 1989 to 1993 as a marine in the United States Marine Corps. He was promoted twice while serving in the Marine Corps. Fowlkes is also a First Gulf War veteran. He also served in ANGLICO or Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company where he conducted small unit parachute operations. His activities in ANGLICO included air and naval gunfire missions and reconnaissance.



All these extensive background in law enforcement are very useful to Fowlkes. They have provided him with the insight that he needed and by which he is now able to succeed in his current position at Eagle Industries Unlimited. Fowlkes is also involved in training his employees and clients in various preventive measures related to illegal weapons and dangerous drugs. He teaches them how to defend their communities and helps neighborhoods get rid of these criminal elements in their societies.



Fowlkes also has other interest aside from his lawn enforcement work in Eagle Industries Unlimited. He is a fan of hockey and he always finds the time to coach the hockey team of his son and says that he is involved in the sport in some way. Fowlkes also writes about his other personal interests in his Medium blog.



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