The Reason Behind Fabletics’ 200 Percent Growth

Competition in the consumer goods industry is cutthroat with brands ready to adopt marketing strategies that offer them the slightest competitive advantage over their competitors. Companies spring up each day, but the growth of the market is relatively slow. Consumers are at the center of the tug-of-war among brands. Upcoming brands are hell-bent on developing ingenuous marketing approaches to outdo established companies in a given industry. Case in point: Fabletics. The 4-year-old activewear company joined the fashion industry cognizant of the fact that Amazon, Lulumelon, Athleta, etc., controlled a significant portion of the activewear market. Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg (the founders of Fabletics) knew that they had to work extra hard to survive in the athleisure business.

Since its inception, Fabletics invested heavily in unearthing certain consumer trends that are unique to the modern consumers. Fabletics established that Digital Age consumers are review-centric. They source for reviews especially user-reviews both online and offline. But with the recent shift by many businesses to offer their products or services through e-commerce websites, consumers are increasingly relying on the internet to find user-reviews. A BrightLocal study confirmed Fabletics’ assertion of the modern consumer; the survey concluded that over and above searching for user-reviews, buyers trust the reviews in making purchase decisions.

In response to the review-centric nature of the modern consumers, Fabletics initiated a review-centric marketing approach. Part of the approach by Fabletics involves renowned personalities such as Kate, Demi Lovato, etc. reviewing the company’s products. Fabletics is convinced that since consumers trust user-reviews published by strangers over the web, they will agree more with the reviews they get from celebrities they already know. Also, Fabletics has an intuitive website that incorporates user-reviews of the company’s products and other services from consumers. The company has worked towards establishing a positive image over the web.

Has the marketing strategy paid off? Fabletics has grown year over year since 2013 and experts believe that the company’s growth exceeds 200 percent. Since the company uses a subscription mechanic, Fabletics boasts of more than one million paying members. What’s more, the company has expanded its operations beyond the U.S borders to Germany, Australia, Canada, etc. Also, it has launched a men’s line to complement the women’s line of athleisure products the company started off with. TechStyle’s Fashion Group CMO Shawn Gold believes that Fabletics success arises from the company embracing a review-centric marketing approach. TechStyle is the parent company of Fabletics.

Part of Fabletics’ success can be attributed to Kate Hudson’s huge following in the society. She is an iconic actor admired by many people who are inspired by her active lifestyle and would like to be like her. Kate has been categorical that she is out to encourage women to achieve their health goals by living an active life. Kate has embraced a hands-on approach to running the company. She is not only involved in marketing but also the design of the activewear clothing, as per Ressler and Goldenberg. With the recent collaboration of the brand with Demi Lovato, Fabletics will continue scaling the heights of the growing activewear industry.

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