Recreate New Cottage Style with Moldings

Have you recently bought a home with a historical charm? Do you have any plan to renovate it after the New England cottage style? There are plenty of tricks that you can apply to revive the raw look of that genre that dominated the interior design industry in the eighteenth century.

Some remodeling and repairs might be necessary should the house is too old. But, rediscovering its original glory does not need anything more than some cosmetic changes. Find out how you can maintain the look of an old cottage in an either old or modernized home.

The paneling.

 It’s the hallmark of New England style. However, apply this trick with a grain of salt. Instead of simple wall panels, choose molding for walls or install crown molding for vaulted ceilings or ceiling trims. It will add charm without requiring you to redecorate the entire room. AlexMoulding offered so many design patterns that can be used for any home renovation.

To draw out the relaxed feel inherent to the old cottage look, use a beach-inspired color palette for the moldings and the rest of the room. Mix up pale sea green, baby blues, soft greys, or crisp white to create a laidback holiday feel.

Play with colors. 

The core of a beach house is the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. And, you can create it with mixing of some colors. White walls with tongue and groove design or pale wooden floor will serve the purpose very well. A simple color palette is likely to work best where you will pair up one accent color with two to three soft tones.

Apply red, yellow, or blue as your accent color and complement it with grey, beige, a pale sea green, or something else. The idea here is to follow the rules but have fun. So, if you choose a pomegranate orange or turquoise accent for your moldings and trims for a little whimsy, keep the tone down by applying some softer shades for the rest of the room.

 Take inspiration from nature. 

The cottage style is deeply related to nature and outdoors. So, the attempt at recreating the New England style into your home should involve materials that remind of the outside world.

One simple trick is to buy furniture and accessories that are made of either wood or recyclable materials. If it seems expensive, a budget-friendly solution is to decorate the place with some smaller items that are cheap. Think of green plants, shells from the beach, rocks, a bowl full of pebbles, etc. These can be excellent showpieces along with bringing a fresh, soothing feel inside your home. Don’t hesitate to pair up contrasting materials. It will rather give a place an interesting aspect.

 Focus on patterns and prints. 

Mixing up printed fabrics in various scales and patterns will highly suit a bedroom decorated with design cues taken from the New England style. Use plaid fabric or something featuring small-scale prints. Throws, cushions, and pillows covered with striped fabric cover will add softness and warmth to the room.

You can complement them with jute or sisal rugs on the floor, one or two rattan furniture pieces, hurricane lanterns, and other items that reflect rustic spirit. Hanging a couple of pictures farming coastal and sea views will be a great addition too.

 Appease your sophisticated soul. 

Everything about the New England style reflects simplicity. However, there is still scope for bringing touches of elegance and sophistication. For example, if you are decorating the dining room, add poise with whitewashed furnishings, polished dining table, upholstered chairs, and a Victorian style candelabra. If you want to tone down the finesse and add a bit of coastal charm, use button back chairs and plaid fabric curtains.

The crucial thing about creating a New England style interior is to keep everything simple. There is no scope to go overboard. Everything has to exude a fresh spirit. Your house should be oozing warmth and comfort. The tips mentioned above will help you to bring that laidback relaxation into your home.

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