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Sussex Healthcare is a health care support centre. The company operates an independent group of care homes in Sussex, UK which are award-winning care homes. The company provides homes for the elderly, those with dementia, those with neurological issues, and people with learning disabilities. As a support centre, they have been providing over 25 years of excellent service to a wide range of clients. All of their services are centered around the person. People whom use the services are able to participate in the community, through higher education or through being able to work.

Services That Sussex Healthcare Offers To Elderly

Sussex Healthcare recognizes that older individuals need to maintain their autonomy as they age. The services are designed to maximize the physical, intellectual, and social capacity of the older adults whom they serve. This means that older individuals are able to live a very normal life and obtain the health and social care that they need. All of the rest homes offer activities that are designed to benefit the senior citizens whom they serve.


Care For Dementia Patients

Those whom are suffering from dementia are able to benefit from the dementia care services that Sussex Healthcare provides. Thus, support and peace of mind are provided to the families of older adults. Staff have the opportunity to interact with patients on a 24/7 basis with 24-hour nursing care available. People whom are provided with dementia care are treated as individuals, and not as people needing care. This creates an environment which is tailored to assist those suffering from memory loss with an ability to thrive.

Care For Learning Disabled Individuals

Finally, Sussex Healthcare offers services for individuals whom are suffering from learning disabilities. The care services are 24-hours per day, and centered around a care plan which is tailored to their needs. These individuals are also able to work with hydrotherapy facilities. Services support individuals affected which include rooms with track hoisting and psychotherapy services.


Sussex Health Care has received multiple accreditations from the Health Quality Service, HQS. These include the investors in people standard in 2002 and 2003. The organization has also received the ISO 9000:2000 certification for quality management systems.

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