Doe Deere founder of the Lime Crime Company for women that are unapologetic

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but her family moved to New York City, and that’s where she was raised. She first started her successful journey in 2004, as she first registered her account on eBay that would be helpful to the DIY fashion line. She did the modeling herself, and she was more interested in her brand, and that was being colorful. In 2008, she founded and became the CEO of the Lime Crime Cosmetics. She had a mission to prove that beauty products do more than just conceal imperfection, but they can be a form of freedom and a way of self-expression. Learn more:

To Doe, she believed beauty is not about being natural, or what looks best but rather what women felt was right for them at the moment. Having that in mind Doe launched her line of cosmetics that were colorful and magical. The result was the launching of her company the lime crime cosmetic. The name was inspired by Doe’s favorite color and her dream from being a child to develop lipstick and eyeshadows that had crazy colors. Also, being a musician has helped her so much when it comes to the marketing.

Having the lime crime company internet-based it the best decision, says Doe. Though it has some of its challenges, they cannot be compared to the advantage the company has gotten. It gives them the opportunity to connect with the customers strongly, and that is huge for Lime Crime cosmetic. The company has learned that it’s not bad to have the critics, but they have learned to take the critics and improve them to something better. The Internet is where Doe Deere gets some of her inspirational through listening. She listens to everyone her employees, customers and even those people that don’t seem to like because there is always something to learn.

Doe Deere started very small, and she has claimed to achieve all that she has now. Doe supports other women that own their own business. She frequently advises young people that it’s vital that they find their voice and why following their won ambition is essential at the event like the PHAMExpo and the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She loves to mentor females that aspire to venture in her kind of business and her advice to them is that they are free to contact her on her Instagram page if they want the mentoring.


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