Sweetgreen is an exquisite salad chain that aims at delivering organic, local and fresh salads to its customers. Nathaniel Ru who is one of the three CEO’s of the company says the company wants to feed as many people as possible better food.

Although Sweetgreen has over sixty locations, thirty percent of their transactions are carried out through the company’s mobile app and website. Co founder Nathaniel Ru says technology is an integral part of the company. The salad chain is creating a brand that has a meaning. It has been backed by renowned investors in the food industry such as Daniel Boulud, Steve Case, and Danny Meyer.

The three CEO’S have some of the best management strategies although they are thinking of changing them. The company’s CEOs don’t trust a central headquarters; therefore, they operate under a decentralized system. The corporate office is closed five times a year and all the employees work in their restaurants.

This is in a bid to ensure that they all have close contact with their clients and to support their policy of teamwork. Currently, all the founders are bi-coastal; and they are trying to ensure that Sweetgreen grows nationally.

The food company has offices in Los Angeles,

Sweetgreen was started by Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicholas Jammet. They met here while undertaking a class in entrepreneurship. The three have a lot in common including the fact that they are all first generation immigrants and their parents were also entrepreneurs with their businesses.

The three founders started the company when they realized that the whole Georgetown locale lacked a place where there could eat healthy meals. After they graduated from college, the trio launched their first retail outlet in August 2007.

When their business survived the initial winter break after forming it, they knew that it would be successful. The group launched the Sweetlife Festival in 2010.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of the three CEO’S of Sweetgreen, and he is also the company’s co-chief executive officer. The high-end salad and healthy food chain deliver fresh and organic salads and cuisines that resonate with many people. Nathaniel’s role model is Kevin Plank who is the owner of Under Armour.

Nathaniel Ru believes that building a workable team around a company is one of the best management strategies. His favorite restaurant in DC is Little Serow which is owned by Johnny Monis.

This is because the place sells excellent Northern Thai cuisine and has perfect service and according to him this is the perfect combination of a successful restaurant business. He attended McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University where he graduated with a BS in Finance.

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