Lori Senecal Career Achievements

The CP+B announced Lori Senecal as the new CEO of Global on 9th March 2015. Senecal worked on CP+B’s Global growth, expansion, ensuring the eight international offices of the firm are coordinating well. Senecal is a pioneer of promoting technology, invention, and innovation. Over Senegal’s career, she has fueled Global Agency growth, developed strategic partnerships with other companies, lead to the creation of more new business divisions and Worldwide accounts like the Nestle, BMW and the Colo-Colo.

Working under MDC Partners Network as the CEO, Lori Senecal worked closely with the leadership of Agencies that lead to the greatest growth and success of the company. At Global, she first changed from 250 people private company to 300 characters, started up investment plans, content creation, and ensured innovative business unit based on technology. Earlier, she served as the president of McCann-Erickson Worldwide Flagship in New York office. She was the leader of the sector of strategic planning, account leadership, and innovation.

Lori Senecal is honored for her professional achievements like the AWNY game charger Awards with the Quantum Leap Award for real leadership and innovation. According to Forbes.com, she has also acted as a Jury Chair for Issac awards in the last two years giving change in the industry and outside. Senecal shares the company’s values and passion that leads to high level of management experience and expertise.

Lori Senecal has different skills like Advertising, Digital strategy, interactive marketing, Digital media, Relationship marketing, new business development, and Entrepreneurship. The MDC Partner’s creative agency Crypton Porter & Bogusky opened an office in Beijing where it will work for Infiniti and American Airlines and Tencent. The Infiniti, CP& B Beijing work with Global team situated in Agency’s Los Angeles office and offer full services like creative directions and strategic plans, reports campaignlive.com. The American Airline collaborates with the with the global team located in the hometown in Colorado providing creative services for a Chinese audience.

Lori Senecal maintains an absorbing and calm attitude in work. Lori speaks little, but she is a very powerful businesswoman. Sometimes Lori wears blue navy blue. Lori is an excellent public speaker, and this has helped her show she has management qualities and could speak in meetings.Lori Senecal pursued a bachelor’s degree in commerce marketing and finance at McGill University.Lori Senecal enabled different institutions she was involved in the past years to be successful. She has also transformed Global economic of the companies she has worked.


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